Finca FlamboyánT

Building From the Brown up


Finca FlamboyánT

We are a QTPOC-stewarded land project, artist retreat and home in the southwest mountains of PR. Finca FlamboyánT serves as a  sanctuary for marginalized folks to spend time in, work on their art, learn/teach about farming and plant medicine, skill-share or just come and take a break for healing and rejuvenation in a rural, tropical setting.


Finca FlamboyánT is a part of a larger network of agoecological land projects in PR working towards food sovereignty & land reclaimation in the face of historical and ongoing capitalist & colonial subjectification. As an anti-colonial project, La Finca centralizes the experience of Puerto Ricans, latinx, black, and indigenous folks while welcoming all people of color of the diaspora as a part of our community.

Recognizing the intersecting impact of racism, homophobia, and gender based violence, Finca FlamboyánT is specifically a project for and by Queer People of Color impacted by colonialism, displacement, and diaspora.  As queer people, and as people of color, we need access to natural spaces in which to cultivate our own connection to land, place, and food systems. It is critical that spaces exist which prioritize our survival, well-being and ability to strengthen our community.

At Finca FlamboyánT, we aim to maintain a safer space for learning, healing, growing and building together in a supportive environment created for and by us, From The Brown Up.