Finca FlamboyánT

For those traveling from outside of PR: please make time to learn about PR’s colonial status, history, and current political and social climate prior to visiting to help inform how you can best contribute to this project.

All visitors are asked to contribute to basic living costs @ La Finca.


Folks are welcome to visit and contribute to the project in a variety of ways. We are particularly excited to welcome skilled visitors who are willing and able to fulfill some of the needs listed on our We Need You page. 

***Visiting/lodging/hosting priority will always be given to QTPOC and those historically isolated/displaced from rural spaces.*** 

Long Term Visitors

QTPOC are welcome to stay and build a relationship with the land, put seeds and roots in and grow with this project. 1-2 folks at a time is ideal if you’d like a room in the house, as we’d like to keep a guest room available for stop-ins. 



For our white allies, we ask that you visit only if you are offering or asked to contribute a specific skill or work on a specific project. 

Work Trade

We’re currently seeking a skilled farmer to bottomline the garden (minimum 2-3 month stay) while we finish up details on the main house. We are also looking for carpenters, muralists, artists, and other skilled trades to contribute. For more information, please contact us.



At Finca FlamboyánT, we are excited to connect with and offer space to communities, orgs and groups in the QTPOC family. Nestled in the mountains, La Finca offers camping and limited indoor housing in a rural, tropical setting close to town, botánicas, rivers and beaches. Please contact us for availability and pricing.