Finca FlamboyánT

Finca FlamboyánT sits on 11.5 acres of rural, rocky land (with access to 70 more) bordering state forest land. 

Some parts of the land were used irresponsibly by the previous inhabitants--with appliances and other trash thrown about and into the woods, making this a rescue project as well.  

Purchased in March 2016, we’re just getting started and have lots of infrastructure work to do yet. This being the case, at this time we are only able to host pro-active/hard-working folks who are willing to get their hands dirty and put in the hard work necessary to build and maintain a sustainable project. 

As of now (september 2016), we have a comfortable 3 bedroom home with running water and electricity  and plenty of land for camping out, hiking, birdwatching, sexytimes, meditation, working on your art, connecting with nature and planting seeds. There are many fruit trees and usually something in-season for harvesting every month. Rescuing fruit trees from invasive vines and termites, and working on the main living space became priority upon arrival. Now that it’s comfortable enough, we are prepping to start the main garden!

Permanent residents include: Amor Secreto,  3 lovely dogs and a little cat, La Monki. She’s boss.